About Muah...


Photography is a passion in life I have always had.  Never enough time to persue it professionaly up until a few years ago when many things in life changed for me, including having my first baby.  Lots of wonderful new changes came with the birth of my first child which have flourished into nothing but fabulous things which have created cherished memories.  Treasured moments are so important and there is nothing more I love more in life, aside from my family & two dogs, than to freeze treasured moments for others to value as years pass by.  


I am a college trained Civil Engineer turned stay-at- home mom/Photographer who treated Photography as a serious hobby throughout College and the first few years of my career as a Civil Engiener.  Shortly after the birth of my first child my husband & I decided we were missing out too much on our child's life and that she would benefit greatly having one parent at home with her...plus we wanted to grow our family by one more.  I saw this as the perfect opportunity to see where Photography might take me.  Capturing treasured moments for others and my own family has brought so much joy to my life.  There is nothing more rewarding than hearing back from my clients how much the LOVE the memories I froze in time for them to forever have.


Being a stay-at-home Mom of two has taught me so many skills which I carry with me when I am out freezing treasured moments for others.  My two little ones have given me tools which have become so helpful in getting the BEST out of even the MOST difficult child.  Having a husband who is ready to be done after photo number 3 taken has taught me how to keep the whole family engaged having a great time at their shoot.  


I can't WAIT to meet you and your beautiful family!  Contact me today so we can discuss how I can freeze those treasured moments in time creating beautiful art for you and your family to always have.